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Our Bizzie Bees Kids Club at McWilliam Park Hotel

Schools Out - Book your Family Holiday in Mayo!!!

Schools Out so book your family holiday with us at the 4 star McWilliam Park Hotel and remember our Bizzie Bees Kids Club runs every evening throughout the holidays. Registration and dinner orders are from 17:00 to 17:15.  Kids club starts at 17:15 each day and finishs at 21:00, kids between 4 and 12 years of age can join our club and the charge is €5 each or €10 including dinner. Each day there are specific activities examples of which are listed below. 

The Skeleton Game – A Fun Guessing Game . Guess the magic word before the skeleton is built.

Wacky Games – This activity involves several school yard games with a wacky exciting side to them. Children would be required to act out farm animals in some games while using their imagination to be creative in other games. (Played Indoors in Bizzie Bees Room)

Ginger Bread Teddy Bears – Get creative and design your own ginger Teddy Bear.

Yoga for Yogeis – Children will learn simple relaxing yoga poses.

Dance Class/ Disco Night – Create your own dance move or learn a new dance move in our dance class and use it as your special move during disco night.

Treasure Hunt – Children will have to find objects that will be have been lost in the Bizzie Bees Club.

Funtasitc – Fitness for kids with music. Involving simple exercises such as Star Jumps, one Legged Hops and much much more.

Movie Night Quiz – Watch the movie and play the quiz at the end to remember how much you remember. 

Family Activities in Claremorris

There is so much to see and do in Mayo on your Family Holiday during the day and enjoy our Kids Club by evening. Remember there are so many fun things to do around Mayo and fun places to visit with the kids. There are also so many activities and attractions to enjoy across the county.  Start planning some incredible family memories today....