The McWilliam Park Hotel is the perfect choice of accommodation when visiting Knock Shrine. We are only 10 minutes away and we accommodate for groups of all sizes.

The story of Knock began in August 1879 when fifteen people from Knock village witnessed an Apparition at the gable wall of the Parish Church. Giving their testimonies the witnesses described a heavenly vision consisting of Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. John the Evangelist, an altar, cross & lamb surrounded by angels. The Knock Apparition was a silent one and each of us can find its meaning for ourselves.

A guided tour of the beautiful grounds and gardens at Knock Shrine is the ideal way for visitors to begin their day at Knock. Tours will be met by experienced, friendly, local guides and walked through the Shrine complex, accompanied with a fascinating narrative of the history of Knock Shrine.

Knock Museum (Group Rate: €2.00 per person)

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