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Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes in Claremorris


Pilates is much more than just an exercise regime. It is a low-impact exercise program for people of different posture types that promises core strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone. A complete Core workout that helps to improve posture 


A High Intensity Functional Training for a complete body workout with high calorie burn.

Mixed Circuit Boxercise

A cardiovascular workout with classes lasting between 45 Mins to One Hour.

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics is an easy way to get into shape in an almost weightless environment. It is an overall body toner and also a great way of getting used to the water. It has more toning potential because water has twelve times the resistance of air. A fun workout to music, Aqua Aerobics is suited for all levels of fitness, aiming to give you a full body workout.